Past Projects
Electrical FluidBed Furnace System

Process of the Electrical FluidBed Furnace System:
The FluidBed System consists of a retort, a blower, heating elements and sand particles (usually consisting of aluminum oxide). The sand mass is fluidized by streams of air while the heating elements located near the base of the bed generate the required temperature. The required target heat is controlled via an automatic temperature regulator. The fluidized sand mass assumes a physical property similar to boiling liquid. Parts needed to be heat treated or stripped are submerged into the FluidBed System via a metal basket casing.

Stripping Process:
Organic Materials residing on the submerged parts vaporize within the boiling sand mass. All residues are removed from the treated objects by agitated sand particles. Parts are cleaned quickly, thoroughly and without deformation or damage.

Heat Treating Process:
The most important advantage of this FluidBed System is its even heat distribution. It allows the operator complete control of his process by providing him with precise controls and temperature uniformity necessary to meet the tightest specifications on every load.

Safety and Maintenance:
The FluidBed System was built to reduce production and maintenance costs. Its simplified design makes it virtually maintenance free while the basic straight forward controls of operation minimizes training time. With the use of electrical heating elements, instead of the conventional combustion system of natural gas, FluidBed is extremely safe to operate and environmentally friendly.

The Fluidbed System can be operational in a wide range of manufacturing environments such as; Heat Treating, Quenching, Sand Reclamation, Paint Stripping, Aging, Mold Cleaning, Plastic Processing, Steel Wire Ostinizing, as well as Heat & Surface treatments of metal components. FluidBed can perform a variety of processes such as; carburizing, nitriding, carbonitriding and ferritic nitrocarburizing. In FluidBed there is no risk of explosion due to the fact that there is no combustion, therefore there is no carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide emissions.

Each heated bed and retort are constructed with stainless steel. FluidBed's innovative design prevents any blockage of air nozzles (these function to maintain an even distribution of air flow throughout the bed). The exterior of the retort is covered with a four inch thick ceramic fiber blanket while the chassis is constructed with heavy duty tubular mild steel to protect against impacts from mishandled loads. Removable side panels make for easy access to the heating elements. Ceramic fiber insulation allows for fast heat up and improved operation economy. The heating elements are engineered to economically meet the temperature duty requirements of each user. The Electrical FluidBed Furnace system is designed to utilize the maximum amount of heat created with the minimum amount of energy used.


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