Past Projects
RoboticArm for Product Deliveries

The RoboArm was designed to service 2 to 4 Hot Oil Kettles for Potato Chips or other related food products. The Slicer Machine located at the head of the Arm is automatically adjustable. The Arm is fully computerized and well integrated with the rest of the system. The RoboArm can be automatically set for the exact amount of product required or rather than loading the product at one place in the kettle, it can be scattered across its length. After each batch has finished its cooking process and is automatically unloaded, the RoboArm will receive the signal to slice and deliver the set amount product for that kettle. When delivery is complete, the RoboArm will return to its original position, waiting for its next signal. RoboArm can replace one manual operator per Kettle, (that would normally supply its operation). In this way it has created a safer environment by eliminating oil spillage and accidental Kettle burns.


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